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Membership Matters

Three Levels of AAA Membership: Which One Is Right for You?

AAA World Article

Life seems to change so quickly. Before you know it, your child gets her driver’s license or moves away to school; you need to drive farther for your new job; or you finally get that RV you’ve always wanted. At AAA, we want to make sure you’re covered with every change.

Many members make their AAA membership level choice of Classic, Plus or Premier based on how many towing miles they may need. But longtime member Amanda S. told us, “The free battery at the highest level is really what sold me on Premier, knowing it would likely pay for itself when my battery died.”

And that’s exactly what happened. One of her daughters had been sick, so Amanda was spending long days at the not-so-nearby children’s hospital. One night, she walked out to the hospital parking garage, turned the key in her car’s ignition and—silence. Amanda used the AAA Mobile app to request help and watched the tow truck icon on her smartphone as the AAA rescue vehicle drew closer.

“The tow truck arrived quickly. The battery was dead, and [the service technician] installed a new one there in the garage in minutes,” Amanda says. “I was incredibly thankful the experience was so painless because all I wanted to do was get home after an exhausting several weeks, and I was able to do just that.”

For more details on the three levels of AAA membership or to find out whether your protection is up to date, ask for a member review today. Call 866/Members (636-2377), visit your local AAA Store, or go to


This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 edition of AAA World.

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